Successful attendance at EULiST Europe Day


The URJC and the EULiST alliance, to which it belongs, organised a conference with the participation of students, universities and representatives of European institutions. The event served to commemorate Europe Day, which is celebrated across the continent on 9 May. Around 400 students from the 10 universities that make up the university alliance attended the session in which they were able to find out first-hand everything they needed to do an internship in the European institutions.

Marisa Humanes, Vice-Rector for International Relations and organiser of the conference on behalf of the URJC, highlighted “the interest of students in attending this type of conference, which is an opportunity to find out about the possibilities for internships”. The conference has been a tool to bring EULiST to the students and to make the network known. The role of the students was essential. “The work of the (Spanish and Greek) student ambassadors was very important. The young women explained the path to be followed in order to do an internship in European institutions.

Branka Jelicic (European Commission) emphasised the fact that internship opportunities and placements are available for all types of academic profiles. In addition, there was a round table of students who are doing or have done internships in the European Union. “They offered all kinds of advice and first-hand experience on how to fill in the application form, the working environment in the institutions and the possibilities of staying and applying for permanent positions,” explains Humanes.

This event with EULiST was very well received and encourages the URJC to continue promoting this alliance that brings together 10 universities from all over Europe.




Tuesday, 9 May from 10:00 h to 12:00 h (CEST)


Campus Móstoles (URJC), Laboratorios Polivalentes I, Seminario 004

EULiST is a European University Alliance empowering responsible change agents by laying out career paths for students and recent graduates contributing to societal and technological developments. Inspired by the reciprocities and synergies between all disciplines, EULiST aims to a cultural and professional plurality across Europe, also through the context of internships.

The importance of internships has been greatly acknowledged across Europe as a means to acquire workplace-based experience and develop new competences and skills, highly valuable by employers. Four million individuals take part in at least one internship in Europe each year. Within this framework, EULIST will establish an internship matching platform, with a focus on climate action and social cohesion.

Along these lines, within Europe Day 2023, EULiST organizes an information event on Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 from 10:00 to 12:00 CET, with the title “EULiST and the European Union Careers Student Ambassadors on EU Internships”.

The event is addressed to students interested in internship opportunities, providing information on the diverse internship options available and exchanging experience with fellow students. The event will be held online via MS Teams and will also be livestreamed.

In particular, it will be further analyzed that an internship and a career at the EU public administration, recruited through the European Personnel Selection Office EPSO, is a unique opportunity for the EULiST students to work in an international team, offering personal and professional development, while acquiring new skills. URJC and NTUA European Union Careers Student Ambassadors and EPSO recruiters will present during the event the selection procedure, the qualifications required and the skills obtained.

Additional types of internships supported and promoted within EULiST Universities will also be presented, either on internships forming an optional or compulsory part of academic and vocational qualifications with a dominant focus on learning, or on internships with a main objective to help young people into employment.

European Union Careers opportunities:Views of your mates and recruiters and internships in the framework of EULiST


EULiST Europe Day 2023 event
  • (10:00-10:05) - Presentation
  • María Luisa Humanes, URJC
  • Katerina Adam, NTUA
  • (10:05-10:10) - Introduction
  • María Andrés Marín, President of the Office of the European Parliament in Spain
  • (10:10-10:15) - Presentation of the Programme: The different European institutions and EPSO activities
  • Nekane Estalayo Paul, EU Careers Ambassador - URJC
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  • (10:15-10:25) - Presentation of Internships options and the different selection processes, and conditions
  • Maria Pantazidou, EU Careers Ambassador - NTUA
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  • (10:25-10:40) - The selection process: Hints and What profiles are in demand, what positions are needed
  • Rita Hinek, EPSO Officer, Communication and PR at European Commission
  • (10:40-11:00) - “Internships: The EULiST perspective” The goal of EULiST and Interships' opportunities in addition to EPSO available within all EULiST members
  • Antonia Lampropoulou, NTUA on behalf of EULiST
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  • (11:00-11:15) - Working at the EC
  • Branka Jelicic, Programme Agent, Commission traineeship programme
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  • (11:15-11:45) - Students’ Roundtable “First hand real experiences”
  • Javier Espinar Moreno
  • URJC, Journalism and International Relations
  • Press Officer Trainee in Council of the European Union
  • Ifigeniya Stoilova
  • URJC Interantional Relations
  • Blue Book Trainee in DG EAC
  • Valentina Margarita Naxaki
  • NTUA Chemical Engineer
  • JRC Karlsruhe
  • Angeliki Konsta
  • NTUA Chemical Engineer
  • European Food Safety Authority EFSA
  • (11:45-11:50) - Questions
  • (11:50-11:55) - Wrap up
  • Nekane Estalayo Paul and Maria Pantazidou
  • (11:55-12:00) - Final conclusions and acknowledges
  • María Luisa Humanes, URJC
  • Katerina Adam, NTUA