The Alliance

University of universities

EULiST integrates over 200,000 students and 20,000 staff at 10 universities in 10 countries and even more European regions motivated by the joint mission to educate new generations of graduates and early-career researchers as well as equip life-long learners with the necessary competencies to address the societal and global challenges of today and tomorrow.

We base our proposal on a comprehensive and inclusive approach. From the outset, EULiST has engaged all groups and institutions in our member universities with a special focus on students, as well as civil society representatives and other stakeholders at all levels, from the local, regional and national to Europe and the world, in a dynamic bottom-up approach. Our vision reflects this approach.

Together we represent the diversity of the European university landscape with universities from Sweden and Finland in the North, Greece, Italy and Spain in the South, the Czech and Slovak Republics in the East and Austria, France and Germany in the West and the Centre.

This diversity is fundamental because not only does it enable us to address the challenges of tomorrow, but also because it empowers us to do so from different perspectives that take into account the different regions and also help us be aware of the complex consequences of our actions on individuals, society and the planet. This diversity also provides the basis for future collaboration, in hubs with other European University alliances, with different countries and with Global South, and allows us to act as a model of good practice for other universities, in order to form synergies across a broad disciplinary range within and beyond Europe.

The European University of the Future