During the Third General Assembly of EULiST, held at the Brno University of Technology from May 22nd to 24th, significant developments took place, including the election of a new Chair for the Management Board.

Pablo T. Salvadores Alonso, Director of Internationalization at Rey Juan Carlos University and a member of the EULiST Management Board, was elected as the new Chair of the Management Board. He succeeds Jari Hämäläinen (from Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology) who served as the inaugural Chair from the EULiST project’s inception, leading the Alliance through its formative stages and initial projects with dedication and vision. The contributions of Jari Hämäläinen have laid a strong foundation, and the new team is poised to build on this legacy, driving the alliance towards new achievements.

Pablo T. Salvadores Alonso at the Third EULiST General Assembly at Brno University

Third EULiST General Assembly at Brno University of Technology

Pablo T. Salvadores will be accompanied, as Vice-Chair, by Thanasis Zisis, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at National Technical University of Athens, both unanimously elected by all the members of the EULiST Management Board. Together, they will oversee the efficient implementation of the project, ensuring that the Work Packages are progressing as planned. They will work closely with the Project Manager, the Central Coordinator and the Coordination Office in three main issues in order to oversee project management, quality control and monitoring of EULiST activities:

  • Ensuring efficient communication: Facilitating smooth and effective communication between different teams and stakeholders within the project.
  • Addressing Challenges: Quickly identifying and addressing any challenges or bottlenecks that may arise during project implementation.
  • Enhancing Coordination: Improving the coordination between various Work Packages to ensure that all aspects of the project are aligned and progressing towards the common goals and get the KPI targets.

This leadership transition marks a new phase for EULiST, aiming to further strengthen its impact and efficiency in achieving its objectives.