The University of TU Wien in Austria has welcomed a total of 184 students from the 10 member universities of the alliance who pitched their own projects and could engage in further learning through the organised workshops

This first EULiST Student Conference, organised by the Student Board, the alliance’s student representative body, was held in Vienna from 30 June to 4 July. The event’s main objective was to bring together students from EULiST in order to connect on a professional level. Undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students presenting their projects and attending various workshops where they had the opportunity to learn about a range of multidisciplinary topics, from health sciences, technology, and physics to business and socio-economics, sustainability, and social impact. The program included the schedule of the sessions offered, as well as information about the speakers.

This great networking opportunity was an absolute success in terms of participation. In addition, it included two lectures, the first by Mr. Frank Piplat, Head of European Parliament Liaison, on the European Parliament and a speech on projects related to urban planning, architecture, and interior design presented by Peter Lorenz, a specialist in the field.

A total of 19 students from the URJC assisted, of which two of them, Aitana Velasco and Luis Fanjul, collaborated in the organisation as members of the Student Board, consisting of two students from each member university. This initiative is a further step in EULiST’s journey as a European Alliance, following its first goal of bringing technology closer to society, making it accessible and understandable to all.

EULiST Panel Discussion, Viena
URJC Students at First EULiST Student Conference