International Doctoral School, Rey Juan Carlos University

Cover III Internationalization conference


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos International Doctoral School and EULiST


29 November – 30 November



URJC Campus de Móstoles,

Madrid, SPAIN

The goal of this event is to share information, experience and knowledge through different talks coming from some of the most socially interesting academic personalities.

First and foremost, there will be not a few engaging speeches such as ways to achieve international recognition, experiences from Alumni and how international experience during the PhD enhances early careers of researchers and professionals around Europe as well as International Doctoral experiences at URJC and the significant impact on lines of research of Rey Juan Carlos University.

All of this with the intervention of relevant personalities in the field of Social and Legal Science, Humanities and Innovation and Technology, besides the Vice chancellor of the URJC, Luis Cayuela Delgado, the International Affairs Vice chancellor, María Luisa Humanes Humanes, or the Internationalization at the IDS Vice Principal, Dr. Brezo DC Martínez, among others professors and experts.

On the other hand, the event includes a talk about the sources of funding in order to carry out international mobility in the predoctoral stage, plus a pair of coffee breaks in which both speakers and attendants will have the chance of chatting and discussing topics of common interest.

Last but not least, attendants will enjoy a gripping speech from Silke Cubert, responsible of Alumni of the Vienna University of Tecnology (TUW), whose talk will bring a bunch of examples about how to get international recognition, her own experiences, the importance for PhD candidates and examples and ways to do this, along with some of the role models close to them.

All of this with the aim of encouraging them to do stages abroad in addition to trying to cooperate with researchers of international recognition.


29th November (English session) - Join the meeting HERE
  • (16:00-16:15) - Registration
  • (16:15-16:35) - Opening and welcome
  • Luis Cayuela Delgado, Postgraduate Vice-Rector URJC
  • María Luisa Humanes Humanes, International Affairs Vice-Rector URJC
  • (16:35-17:00) - INTERNACIONALIZATION during the PhD
Why is it important? Ways of achieving international recognition.
  • Dr. Brezo DC Martínez, Vice-Director of Internationalization at the International Doctoral School of URJC- EID
  • (17:00-18:30) - Discussion panel: Experiences from ALUMNI
Why is important to achieve international experience during the PhD, and how this improves early careers of researchers and professionals in Europe.
  • Pavlo Bazilinskyy, treasurer of MARIE CURIE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, assistant professor in automated driving at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Selene Tondini, secretary general of EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY ALUMNI, PhD Student at the University of Bologna, Department of Sociology and Business Law, Italy
  • Silke Cubert, Executive Management of TECNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VIENNA ALUMNI CLUB, Austria
  • Moderator: Dr. Brezo DC Martínez, Vice- Director of Internationalization EID
  • (18:30-19:00) - Coffee break 
Discussion among speakers and attendees
30th November (Spanish session)
  • (16:00-17:30) - Experiences at the URJC
Cases of international doctoral students and impact on URJC research lines
  • María Marquez, PhD Program in Social and Legal Sciences; and Dr. Sonia Nuñez Puente, Professor of Journalism URJC
  • Clare Cannon, Doctoral Program in Humanities: Language and Culture; and Dr. Antonio Sánchez-Escalonilla García-Rico, Professor of Aesthetics and Theory of the Arts URJC
  • Dr. Carlos Fernández Abad, Alumni of the Doctoral Program in Social and Legal Sciences; and Dr. Julia Ropero Carrasco, Professor of Criminal Law URJC
  • (17:30-18:00) - Coffee break
Discussion among speakers and attendees
  • (18:00-18:45) - "Sources of funding for international mobility at the predoctoral stage"
  • Dr. Inmaculada Mora, Academic Secretary of the International Doctoral School
  • (18:45-19:00) - Closing
  • Dr. Pilar Abad Romero, Director of the International Doctoral School- EID of the URJC