On Tuesday, July 11, 2023, the “CELAC-EU Civil Society” Forum was inaugurated at the Fundación Ortega Marañón by Professor Javier Ramos, the Rector of URJC (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos). The forum brought together key actors involved in the relations between Latin America and the EU, and it included representatives from #EULiST, the European University associated with URJC. The rector of the URJC affirms that belonging to EULIST “means returning to the essence of the university”. See news from aquieuropa.

The first panel discussion of the CELAC-EU Forum was centered around the topic of “Digitalisation as a generator of common knowledge.” Participating in this panel were Professor Paolo Budroni from the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien), representing EULiST, and Alberto Sanchez, the Vice-Rector for Digitalisation of URJC. They likely shared insights on how digitalisation can foster the creation and sharing of knowledge between the CELAC and the EU.

Following the panel discussion, a round table debate on “Strengthening the international network: necessity, convenience, or fashion” took place. This engaging discussion in the CELAC-EU Forum featured Professor María Luisa Humanes, the Vice Rector of International Relations of URJC, along with Allen Sellers, the Ambassador of Panama in Spain, and Ramón Jáuregui, the President of the Euroamerica Foundation. The round table likely explored the significance and benefits of enhancing international networks, discussing whether it is a necessity, a matter of convenience, or simply a current trend.

Overall, the “CELAC-EU Civil Society” Forum provided a platform for influential individuals and representatives from various fields to come together, fostering collaboration and understanding between Latin America and the EU. The panel discussions and round table debates covered essential topics such as digitalisation and strengthening international networks, which are relevant in today’s interconnected world.

EULiST is thus opening up to one of its priority objectives, the Global South, and specifically to the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, which includes CELAC. The objectives of CELAC are aligned with those of EULiST, such as responding to the need to make efforts among Latin American and Caribbean states in order to advance unity and political, economic, social and cultural integration; increase social welfare, quality of life, economic growth in the region, and promote independent and sustainable development, based on democracy, equity and the broadest social justice.

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