The vice-rector Maria Luisa Humanes Humanes, the director of the internationalization area, Pablo T. Salvadores and our local coordinator to EULiST Juan Manuel García Camús attended a two-days meeting this past Tuesday and Wednesday (November 14 and 15) held at the Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) in Palaiseau, France. The purpose of this reunion was to discuss several aspects related to the progressive developement of the EULiST Alliance Project. The French team was represented by Prof. Dr. Vicent Charvillat, Prof. Dr. Frédérique Vincent, Dr. Jean-Christophe Baudez, Dr. Olivier Epinette as director of Internationa Affairs, Marc Delage (co-lead WP5) and Antoinette Humeau (IMT EULiST local coordinator).

Meeting URJC and IMT in France

The first day, November 14, was dedicated to such important topics as business incubators or the cooperation between URJC and IMT in Research, which counted with the participation of the vice-rectorate of research, innovation and transfer in addition to the three URJC Engineering schools: Escuela de Ingeniería de Fuenlabrada (Telecommunication Engeneering School), The Higher School of Science and Technology (ESCET) and The Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering (ETSII). Also of great relevance was the discussion held about the mobility and education between both universities. Wednesday the 15th, on the other hand, was devoted entirely to work on the Work Package 5: outreach, engagement and transfer, of which the URJC is the leader and co-led by IMT.