The Second General Assambly of EULiST will be held in Athens on 26-27 June

NTUA university

Following the first EULiST General Assembly held in Madrid last year, the second General Assembly will be held in Athens on 26-27 June, organised by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), a partner of the EULiST alliance of universities.

The meeting will review the degree of fulfilment of the objectives set for this year, as well as the objectives for the coming years.

It should be noted that the Student Board meeting will be held and the structures in which it will be represented will be defined. There will also be an Open Session – Panel Discussion “EULiST towards linking Society and Technology”. In this session, EULiST strategy will be presented by the WP leads and coleads, followed by presentations of case studies at NTUA. Finally, prizes will be awarded to the best students – among the participants from the different EULiST universities – who will participate in the BIP (Blended Intensive Programme).

More information on the agenda of the meeting.