A multitude of audio and video resources, ranging from academic lectures to instructional materials, are available through the TIB AV Portal. All EULiST Network members have access to this openly licenced information, which is an invaluable tool for research and educational activities. In order to take advantage of a science-compliant video site, eulisters are also encouraged to submit their own videos.

The goal of the TIB AV-Portal is to offer expert hosting and video analysis of scientific videos for educational and scientific uses. Nowadays, the portal offers approximately 47,000 high-quality, quality-checked scientific videos, mostly from the natural sciences and technology, mainly under Creative Commons licences. These consist of instructional materials, simulations, experiments, interviews, lectures, and conference recordings in addition to computer visualisations. Additionally, the clips are kept in long-term storage.

Every video has a unique digital object identifier (DOI), and media fragment identifiers (MFID) allow for the citation of individual video parts. The videos’ time-based accessibility is improved by the application of many automated analyses. Semantic analysis, visual concept detection (VCD), automated voice recognition (ASR), and keyframe-based text recognition (video OCR) are some of these. The AV-Portal uses OpenAI’s Whisper to translate multiple languages into English and to automatically create subtitles. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is fully complied with by the portal, which is free of advertisements. The use of it is totally free. This dedication to open access guarantees that scientific videos will always be available for viewing and citation in addition to facilitating their extensive distribution and visibility.

Features & services of TIB AV-Portal