full auditorium at URJC mobility conference for the call 2024-2025

The URJC EULiST team attended yesterday, November 22nd , the international mobility fair organized by the international department of the Rey Juan Carlos University in order to promote mobility among the universities which are part of the EULiST alliance and to encourage URJC students to study within our European university.

The day began with a speech introduced by the vice-rector Maria Luisa Humanes Humanes and attended by Pablo T. Salvadores as director of the internationalization area, among other members of URJC. The purpose of this conference was to encourage students to apply for an international mobility as well as to explain the administrative and selection process in addition to the financial aids. The number of attendees exceeded expectations (more than 800 students), surpassing capacity and resulting in the efficient resolution of opening a second room to reproduce the talk in streaming due to safety reasons and so that all students had the opportunity to participate.

Feria movilidad internacional convocatoria 2024-2025

Afterwards, there was an international fair in which all the countries that have a mobility agreement with URJC were represented, either through international students who are currently studying here in Madrid, or by Spanish students who have been learning at a partner university. This welcoming intercultural meeting furthermore presented the programs of most universities. Thus, students had the chance of asking directly about the universities they were interested in and knowing more about the countries they wanted to go to. The individual approach and personal perspective moreover motivated students to listen to other experiences and ask for advice. This was only possible thanks to the collaboration of the students, who were very excited to represent the stands of their universities of origin or destination in previous mobility programs.